plate/disc - coiler type ATW 1000-950


plate/disc - coiler type ATW 1000-950   compact machine with a integreated contactless dancer control

·  A mobile welded support with rubber coated machine stands, each machine

    stand is installed with a star-handle

·  A handle attached at the support

·  One in steps of 15° from horizontal to vertical situation adjustable VA coiler

    table with a diameter of 1000mm

·  Customized rewinding stand core admission

·  Role inlet guidance at the machine rack

·  Foot potentiometer for the regulation of the winding speed

·  Change over switch for connection to contactless dancer control

·  switchgear cabinet mounted in the machine rack

·  Torque adjustable over potentiometers in the switchgear cabinet

·  speed adjustable over a potentiometer on the switchgear cabinet 

    (alternative contactless dancer control)
·  Spur wheel AC worm gear engine with Vector age. Servo regulation

    (additional price)

·  Selector switch at the switchgear cabinet for left - clockwise rotation

·  Mounting plate for foot potentiometers and EMERGENCY STOP

    at the rack

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