Belt haul-offs

Belt haul-offs with „AIR-LIFT-System“
machine type: BAP 600
contact length: 600 mm
belt width 70/100 mm
pulling power max. 1500 N
pulling speed 25 m/min.
machine type: BAP 1000 BAP 1500
contact length: 1000 mm 1500 mm
belt width 100/150/200 mm 150/200 mm
pulling power max. 8000 N 15000 N
pulling speed 30 m/min. 20 m/min.
  • The top belt can be pneumatically adjusted in height and has an integrated pneumatic weight balance.
  • The bottom belt is adjusted to the respective extrusion height by handwheel
  • Gentle contact pressure
  • Sensitive control
  • The Ankele "air-lift system" avoids damages at the pulling belts and the product
  • Special saws can be designed and produced for individual applications. Please contact us for further information.